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Most Americans use qualified plans 401k, 403b, 457, and IRA to prepare for retirement.  These plans effectively postpone the tax and postpone the tax calculation.  Would you prefer to have less cash flow and pay more tax at retirement or:

  • More cash flow and pay less tax
  • No 59 ½ rule and No 72 rule
  • Tax-efficient transfer to your heirs
  • Liquidly, Use, and Control of your money

At Peoples Choice Wealth Solutions, we provide strategies that minimize taxation on dollars placed into your savings and/or investment accounts. 

We show you how to gain access to retirement income at any age, for any reason, with no taxes or penalties.  Is that what you want?  The above-mentioned qualified plans effectively postpone the tax, that you choose not to pay today, when you have deductions, to a later retirement date.

But at what tax rate or tax bracket will you be in at retirement?  Your children are gone and your house is paid in full.  That's right, you're retired with NO TAX DEDUCTIONS and Uncle Sam has changed the tax brackets. 

Will your taxes be higher or lower in the future?  If you are in a higher bracket today and postpone the tax to a future lower bracket you come out ahead.  But, if you consider your current tax bracket, the possibility of increased taxation and fewer tax deductions at retirement, you may want to consider other options.