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All quotes are verbatim from official Social Security Administration rules.

Can You Die Twice?
Cash benefits for disabled workers  end "the month before the month you die."

We're Always Right Even If We're Wrong
"The regulations that require a notice for an initial determination contemplate sending a correct notice.  We consider that an initial determination is correct even if we send an incorrect notice."

Treat Your Family Right
"If you were convicted of the felonious and intentional homicide of the worker, you cannot become entitled to monthly benefits or the lump-sum death payment payable on the deceased's Social Security earnings record."

Be Nice To Your Kids
"If you are a minor convicted of intentionally causing your parent's death, you may be denied survivor benefits on the earnings record of your parent."

Hurry Up To A Whoopin?
"Whenever a potential claimant visits a FO (field office) and wishes to file, make every effort to complete an application and obtain the claimant's signature."

No Strategies, Just Facts
Social Security representatives are instructed to explain that "individual employees who administer the program are not at liberty to substitute their own judgment or opinion for rulings, regulations, or the law. Do not attempt to explain the rationale for any particular operational guidelines, nor go to any great lengths to justify them."