A Wealth Management Company



President & CEO Dwaine Thompson, graduated from The University of Houston – Go Coogs!  He began his professional career as an educator in the Galena Park ISD.  Mr. Thompson commenced his calling as a captive agent in 1989. Thompson's passion, strong commitment and dedication to his clients have consistently produced outstanding, national and internationally recognized results.    

In 2010, Peoples Choice Wealth Solutions was launched. Headquartered in Humble, Texas, Peoples Choice Wealth Solutions is an independent agency with a precise focus on efficient, tax-free, wealth distribution strategies. 

We provide comprehensive coaching strategies which minimize personal taxes paid out of your portfolio. After all, is accumulated, it is NOT how many investments you have or how much Social Security you are eligible to receive. What really counts is the net amount of dollars you are allowed, by The Federal Government and other financial institutions, to keep and spend. 
With a specialized focus on "cutting edge" financial strategies, including debt reduction capital accumulation and especially tax-free distribution strategies, Peoples Choice Wealth Solutions is equipped to address your personal situation and identify dollars you could be losing unknowingly and unnecessarily.  We assist you with creating and cultivating your income. With laser-sharp precision, our focus is on minimizing taxes and maximizing cash flow.  We want you to keep and spend as many dollars as the current tax law will allow.  

Dwaine’s integrity, reputation, experience, and decades of preparation along with, his precise strategies have led to the unveiling of hundreds-of-thousands of transferred dollars identified and retained “in his client’s pockets.”  Our experienced teams of professionals, at Peoples Choice Wealth Solutions, are committed to continuous education and technological improvement.  This approach ensures the most efficient delivery of strategies that allow you to retire income tax-free or as close to the zero tax bracket as possible.